Welcome to the Official dfuse Community Edition hosted by EOS Nation. You can get started with the GraphQL interface.

Access to the Official dfuse Community Edition does not require authentication, and is rate-limited. A higher rate limit is available to authenticatated users. Please be mindful of your requests. To create a dfuse API key, visit EOS Nation Account. The authorization endpoint is auth.eosnation.io.

dfuse Documentation

  • GraphQL API (recommended for new users)
  • WebSocket API (get_action_traces and get_table_rows are not supported)
  • REST API (/v0/search/transactions is not supported)

The following fields are indexed for searching: account, action, auth, data.abi, data.account, data.active, data.active_key, data.actor, data.amount, data.asset_id, data.assetid, data.assetidc, data.asset_ids, data.assetids, data.asset_owner, data.auth, data.author, data.authority, data.bid, data.bidder, data.canceler, data.category, data.claimer, data.code, data.collection_name, data.creator, data.executer, data.from, data.ftofferids, data.ftofferids, data.is_active, data.is_priv, data.isproxy, data.issuer, data.level, data.location, data.maximum_supply, data.name, data.new_asset_owner, data.newname, data.newowner, data.offer_id, data.owner, data.parent, data.payer, data.period, data.permission, data.producer, data.producer_key, data.producers, data.proposal_hash, data.proposal_name, data.proposer, data.proxy, data.public_key, data.quant, data.quantity, data.ram_payer, data.receiver, data.recipient, data.recipient_asset_ids, data.requested, data.requirement, data.schema_name, data.sender, data.sender_asset_ids, data.sym, data.symbol, data.template_id, data.threshold, data.to, data.transfer, data.voter, data.voter_name, data.weight, db.key, db.table, event, input, notif, ram.consumed, ram.released, receiver, scheduled, status

dfuse Support

When posting questions to general dfuse forums, please specify that you are using the Official dfuse Community Edition hosted by EOS Nation.